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Palampur is emerging as a favorite tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Every year thousands of tourists visit Palampur.The scenery around the town presents a sublime and beautiful contrast- the plain presents a picture of rural loveliness and repose, while the hills are majestic. Behind this town stands high ranges of Dhauladhar (white hill of snow), whose tops remain covered for most part of the year.. There are number of worth watching places around the town.


   Neugal Cafe

  A picnic spot for tourists as it provides the natural neighborhood with exciting view of Dhauladhar mountains.On this place, Himachal Tourism runs a cafe  which is named on the river Neugal.This is a popular place among people in Palampur to spend weekend holidays.

   Scenic Tea Gardens

   Palampur  is also known for  its tea . Dr. Jameson, Superintendent Botanical Gardens, North-West Frontier Province. introduced the tea bush from Almora in 1849. The bush thrived and so did the town which became a focus of the European tea estate owners. The tea estates around the town ,enhance the beauty and wealth of the town.Palampur has several tea estates which


  Sardar Shobha Singh Art Gallery ,Andretta

    The Art Gallery by eminent artist Sardar Shoba Singh is a treat to watch for the tourists all over the world. The gallery is approximate 12 Km from Palampur .Sobha Singh's cottage at Andretta has become an art centre. Sobha Singh's most admired painting is that of Sohni-Mahiwal, which he painted in 1944.His potraits of Sikh Gurus ,Kangra Dulhan,The Gaddan reflect  great work by him.

  Bir Billing For Paragliding

  Bir-Billing is a destination for the lovers of adventure sport Paragliding ,20 Km from Palampur on Palampur -Mandi highway. Billing attracts Para gliders ,all over the world for Paraliding.Billing has also organized the World Paragliding Championship.


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